Product Review – Infacol

Picture the scene, its 3 in the morning and your 6 week old baby WILL.NOT.STOP.CRYING.

Not just any cry, but a sharp, ear piercing squeal of a cry that cuts rights through you and tugs repeatedly on those hormonal stretched to the limit heart strings. The kind of cry that can make even the strongest of mothers crumble into a jibbering panicky mess. You feel like you’ve tried everything. You’ve tried to feed her- the crying gets louder and she pulls away from your breast like your nipples are laced with poison. You’ve tried to pat and rub her back and she squirms and turns rigid beneath your palm. You’ve tried to lay her down.. and regretted it immediately as the screams dramatically increased in volume.
Your baby has colic – you’re shattered, they’re shattered and you just want something, anything to try and ease the pain.


After a few weeks of this every single night, (yes I was a VERY tired mummy!) a friend of mine recommended that I tried Infacol.

Infacol is specially formulated to relieve wind, infant colic and griping pain. It is available pretty much everywhere, from supermarkets to Boots, Superdrug and most chemists and pharmacies. A bottle costs between £2.80 – £4.00 depending on where purchased. It can be used from newborn, unlike a lot of medications which are from 12 weeks, and tastes of orange, a flavour that my little girl at least appeared to find fairly non offensive. To use Infacol, you simply add a dropper of the liquid into your babies mouth before a feed. The dropper in the bottle makes this very easy to administer, and despite a bit of face pulling and a slightly confused furrowed brow, my daughter took this medication quite willingly.

One thing you should probably know about Infacol is that it is a cumulative treatment – in other words, unfortunately for us tired parents, it doesn’t work immediately, or turn off the cries like a magic wand. Some of my friends were bawling “it doesn’t work!” after just one dose – and we should know by now – life is never that simple. However, by adding a drop into her mouth before every feed, I did notice a marked substantial improvement within a week. My daughter learnt to actually quite enjoy the taste and this might be coincidence, but it almost felt like the sight of the Infacol bottle made her realise that food was on its way – associating the sight and orange taste with the milk flavour that followed.

So how does Infacol work – well I’m certainly no scientist – but it appears to assist in creating that release sound that every tired mum loves – THE BURP. After a week of giving her Infacol with every feed, my daughter would bring up her wind quickly and easily after her feed, with just some subtle back rubbing and patting, and although we did still occasionally get a ‘trouble maker’, they were few and far between.

I found Infacol caused a marked improvement with my daughter and therefore would strongly recommend it. After a while, as she grew older and her digestive system matured, I found that I didn’t need to give her it as regularly, and gradually reduced the amount I gave. She is now Infacol free, but I still keep a bottle in the bathroom cabinet just in case! 🙂

  • Non offensive taste (orange flavour)
  • Easy to administer dropper – no need for syringes or measuring
  • Had a cumulative calming effect
  • Small bottle easy for on the move in changing bag.
  • Can be used from new born unlike most other medications


  • Doesn’t seem to last very long. Bottle says up to 100 doses but it seemed to run out pretty quickly in our household!
  • The bottle can only stay open for 28 days before needing to be thrown away – if using at every feed it probably shouldn’t last that long anyway, but recommend that you label it with the date opened to be on the safe side.
  • You probably need to have more than one bottle. I had one in the changing bag, one in the bedroom and one in the lounge, so that we never had a “WHERE IS THE INFACOL!??!” moment whilst your baby is screaming for food.





One thought on “Product Review – Infacol

  1. We also found Infacol amazing for bringing up wind after after a few days of using it. Our little one was bottle fed.

    However, shortly after starting to use Infacol, our little one became very constipated which continued for a good few days and resulting in literally hours of inconsolable screaming, which we found worse than with colic and wind problems.

    After speaking to various health visitors and the GP who couldn’t really pinpoint a cause, I scoured the internet and found a few parents who had experienced the same as a side effect of Infacol. We stopped using Infacol and within two days, the constipation stopped, nappies were back to normal and fortunately with a change to comfort milk, problems with bringing up wind also stopped.

    I would certainly give Infacol a try again if we have any more babies who suffer with wind problems or colic but would just point out the potential side effect of constipation to others as I know how distressing and upsetting it can be to see your little one in pain and not knowing what could be causing it.

    I don’t think it’s a common side effect so it wouldn’t put me off trying Infacol again or recommending it to others, it certainly does its job, but bare the above in mind if your baby still doesn’t seem settled, or appears worse after a good few days xx

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