Solihull Breast Feeding Friendly / Baby Friendly Locations

So your a new mum and you’re just getting used to the thought of breast feeding in public. You’re braving Solihull for the first time with baby in tow, and you’re terrified. You’ve got your changing bag bursting at the seams with 12 muslin squares and 300 nappies and you are READY. You are going to brave Touchwood. With this review, Real Mum Reviews aims to take the pressure off by helping you out with our verdict on the best breast feeding and baby friendly locations in Solihull.

The Real Mum Reviews Choice – John Lewis – Parenting Room

As breast feeding and baby changing locations in Solihull go, the John Lewis Parenting Room is like the Hilton of baby changing! The facilities are quite simply great, and partners are welcome to go in too – hence why its called a Parenting room and not a Mother and Baby room. The room is located on the same floor as the children’s clothing, tucked around the corner by the prams and cots.

As you walk in, to the left there are four or 5 changing mats, all with blue disposable sheets to ensure that they are hygienic before use, as well as sinks to wash your hands after changing.

There is a large toilet cubicle with two loos (great for going the toilet yourself with the buggy and potentially a toddler in tow)

The room then consists of two large “booth” type areas, with comfortable leather chairs, and ample space for the pushchair as well as privacy for breast feeding – in that you are not immediately visible when someone walks in to the room – no fumbling to hide your modesty!

For those that are bottle feeding there is also a bottle warmer to heat up your babies milk.

Now that my baby is a bit older, the dog border design on the wall really catches her eye and she loves staring at it whilst feeding or being winded. Its amazing what a few bright coloured doggies can do! 🙂


  • Suitable for both mums and dads (or nannys and grandads for that matter)
  • Privacy for breast feeding
  • Ample baby changing facilities
  • Hygienic and clean
  • Sociable – I usually end up having a chat with other mums and dads in there, or cooing over someone else’s younger baby and reminiscing that E was once that small!


  • If im being realllly critical, and this is really clutching at straws – the carpet could do with a bit of a clean.
  • If you’re going there for the first time it can be a little tricky to find, although the room is clearly signposted. I originally thought it was located by the toilets in the café as there is a mother and baby toilet there- but this room is much much better!!

Parkridge Centre Brueton Park

A hidden gem, particularly in the summer, I spent a lot of time here in the early weeks with my newborn.
The Parkridge Centre Café is located in the centre of the Brueton Park, and is very child friendly, with a baby changing room and lots to entertain toddlers who might be in tow. Close to the nature reserve, older children can watch the bird cam or bird spot whilst you have a coffee.
When I first went there I asked the lady behind the counter if I was ok to breast feed and the lady said “If anyone complains, I will ask THEM to leave”. Best response ever! 🙂 I was always made to feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Within the park, great for a pitstop during those belly busting buggy walks.
  • There is plenty of room for pushchairs
  • Good baby changing facilities
  • Breast feeding friendly
  • A great baby friendly meeting place for new mums and their friends.
  • Quite simply the best lemon cake ever. If you’re breast feeding you need all the calories you can get 😉


  • In the winter it closes quite early.
  • In the summer, it can be particularly busy, particularly at weekends.

Boots Parenting Room

The Boots parenting room has the potential to be really good. Unfortunately in our experiences so far it has fallen really short.

Firstly – the lift in Boots is AWFUL. As someone with claustrophobia I have never been a fan of lifts, and the thought of getting stuck in one terrifies me. Enter the boots lift, which sounds like it has broken down as it jolts to a stop, and I’m like a stressed jelly by the time I get out.

The room does have a chair for feeding (although a basic wooden one) and three or four changing mats, but the overbearing smell of bleach put me off as soon as I walked in.

I wouldn’t use it again unless we had a Code Red NPD – “Nappy Blowout Emergency”  and particularly wouldn’t feel comfortable feeding in there.


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