Review – Widgey Donut Breast Feeding Pillow Birdy

Product Name – Widgey Donut Breast Feeding Pillow – Birdy

Available at – John Lewis

RRP – £29.95

The Widgey Donut Breast Feeding Pillow, Birdy is described as a multi-purpose feeding pillow – strong and firm, with an award-winning design. It provides the necessary support for baby whilst feeding. Styled in print cotton jersey, the removable cover features a cute retro bird design.

I was bought this pillow as a gift before my baby daughter arrived back in June. I used this for breast feeding for the first few weeks, putting it around my midriff and resting my daughter against it to allow her to gain a good position for latching on. The pillow allowed me to sit upright on a sofa or bed, and still maintain a comfortable angle to get my daughter in the optimum breast feeding position, without hunching forwards – believe me, back pain and a newborn don’t mix!!

I did find the pillow helpful and practical particularly in the early weeks when my daughter was very small – (she was 6lb 4oz born).

However, after a few weeks, I personally found that the pillow became more of a hindrance than a help. I could never get it in quite the right position, it got covered in milk, and my daughter would get impatient and hungry whilst I faffed around getting comfortable.

Not to be defeated though, I still made great use of this product, and actually prefer it for the alternative use. Whilst my daughter was still very small, and too little to sit unaided, I used the pillow as a rest for m daughter, placing her head in the centre of the curve and allowing her legs and body to rest in the middle. My daughter really enjoyed sleeping on this in the garden during the pleasant summer. With reflux, she liked to sit slightly more upright, and therefore I think she found it easier to nod off resting on this than when she was lying flat on her back! If the doorbell rang, or I needed to pop the loo, I could place her in the confines of this ‘seat’ and she would rest reasonably contently until I returned.


Comfortable material and soft for babies to be supported on

Attractive design

Washable cover for spillages (which lets face it are quite frequent!)

Great for posture and I believe it would be particularly useful for those who have a weak back and are likely to be uncomfortable slumped over whilst breast feeding.

Offers great support during those shattering early night feeds when you are so tired you can barely hold them!


Cons –

The pillow just didn’t feel natural to me. I liked to support my childs neck / back with my own hands skin to skin. This however did cause my back to ache more from being hunched over, so probably not recommended!

Personally felt that the product was expensive for what it was.

I’m not sure how comfortable it would be for someone larger than a size 14/16 as the centre gap isn’t particularly large.


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