Review – Lindam Adjustable Back Seat Mirror

Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m a paranoid mummy! During the first few weeks as a new mum, I would sit in the back seat with my daughter so that I could see her and make sure she was ok, whilst my partner drove our family car like a taxi driver! ūüôā I liked to be able to see that she was comfortable, notice if she nodded off, and make sure she wasn’t choking on bought up milk whilst we drove.

When my partner went back to work, we started to make journeys on our own, and I must admit I spent FAR too much time turning around to make sure my daughter was ok, which lets face it, isn’t great on the safety front!

One of my friends recommended that I purchase the Lindam Adjustable Back Seat Mirror so that I could see my daughter despite her being in a rear facing car seat, meaning that I could keep my eyes the road and quickly check she was ok with a brief flick of the eyes.

The RRP for this product is around £15, but on Amazon I was able to pick one up for around £9.

Unlike some baby car mirrors, this one is significantly large – measuring 32 x 23.8 x 6.9 cm, giving a large view of your babies face and neck. It works by strapping over the headrest with two adjustable straps, and a soft pillow, which rests against the headrest without causing any marks to the interior. It can then be angled using a pivoting system to set up the view that is most appropriate for you. I found the product really easy to fit to my car, and quickly angled the mirror so that I could see my daughter either in the rear view mirror, or by quickly looking over my shoulder at traffic lights etc.

My daughter went through a phase of being sick regularly in the car, and would make a horrible choking noise as she bought up her milk. When driving, this was extremely unnerving! The Lindam mirror enabled me to see that my daughter, although being sick, wasn’t distressed or choking, unlike the sound might have suggested!!!


  • Safe and convenient way of checking on your child in a rear facing car seat.
  • Large view
  • Easy to fit to vehicles (and therefore take out and fit in other cars as required).
  • Reassuring for driver
  • Can be angled according to the position of your child and your view.


  • Can be knocked easily. Whilst you might have it in the right position on setting out for your journey, the mirror is very easily knocked when getting out your car seat, particularly if you are using the seatbelt mechanism rather than an Isofix base. It is easily rectified, but does mean that each time I get in the car I usually need to adjust the mirror¬†slightly before driving off.¬†This isn’t a major issue, I would rather this and have the flexibility to adjust as needed.
  • It can be noisy!! Unfortunately the main criticism I have of this product is that it is noisy, the pivot mechanism being relatively fluid means that it can rattle quite significantly depending on the road surface you are driving on. I’ve kind of got used to this now, but if you are the kind of driver who is used to silence, this has the potential to bug you.
  • Finally, one thing that would make this product even better in my opinion is some kind of light. Now that the winter months are coming, with the darker mornings and evenings, at certain times of day the mirror is of no benefit. It would be great to still be able to see my daughter even when the winter draws in. There is another similar product – the Diono Easy View Plus Rear View Mirror with Night Light but this is more expensive at ¬£20, and I have yet to personally experience this.

Overall, I believe the Lindam Adjustable Back Seat Mirror is a great purchase, particularly for new mums and dads who are doing reasonable length journeys with their child.

Have you got the Lindam Adjustable Back Seat Mirror? What do you think of it? Would you recommend to a friend? Please add your comments below! x








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