Review – Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer

We all know babies occasionally get ill, whether it be a reaction to those pesky jabs, or their first experience of the common cold, at some point or other, our babies are going to get a fever. When my daughter went in for her first immunisations the nurse recommended that I take her temperature regularly during the evening to ensure that it hadn’t become raised and said that if her temperature went above 38 degrees I should give Calpol to help her.

I didn’t already have a thermometer at home (despite thinking that I’d thought of EVERYTHING before bringing my baby home), and therefore I headed straight to Boots to see what was available. I realised that thermometers vary significantly in both price and approach!

In the hospital, I remembered them using an under arm thermometer to take my daughters temperature, but it took quite a while to get a reading (a couple of minutes), and she didn’t seem to like it very much. At 8 weeks, she was also a lot more wriggly than she was as a newborn, and therefore I wasn’t convinced I would get an accurate reading.

The nurse at my surgery had used an inner ear thermometer and after a bit of hunting through the aisles I found that Boots actually sold the same one, the Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer.

From Boots this product was quite expensive at £42.49 – had I shopped around or purchased this online I could have saved myself a lot of money (it is currently selling on Amazon for £28.33), but at the time I needed one quickly. At least I got advtange points with extra for being a parenting club member!!

The thermometer is really easy to use, with a pre warmed tip, so that it isn’t shocking for the infant. It easily fits into the palm of your hand, and has a reasonably large display so that you can clearly see the temperature reading displayed. The product comes with around 20 re-useable covers to ensure that the tip is hygienic before each use. Refills for these are fairly expensive at £7.99 for a pack.

To use the thermometer, I simply inserted the tip of the thermometer into my daughters ear, holding down the button until it beeps. She was relatively un-phased by the process, and now allows her temperature to be taken quite willingly.

I have found the product incredibly reassuring to have to hand, particularly if my child is a bit niggly or appears slightly under the weather.

My view on the pros and cons of this product are as follows:


  • Accuracy and reliability – readings are consistent and accurate.
  • Comes with two AA batteries ready to use.
  • Reassuring that medical practitioners are using the same product!
  • Takes just a few seconds to get a reading, unlike some other thermometers on the market.


  • Expensive initial cost, and refills are reasonably expensive too unless on offer, however, for piece of mind I believe that the price is worth paying.
  • Very minor criticisms – the thermometer would benefit from being backlit, so that a reading could be viewed in a dark room. In a similar vein it would be useful to be able to turn off the beeping sound! Sometimes I have been known to take my daughters temperature with it whilst she is asleep, and there is the slight risk that the beep might wake her up!!!
  • In case it wasn’t immediately obvious to others (it may have just been my baby brain!) there is space within the product to store the lens covers. I was originally storing them separately and thinking how stupid this was! Its only when I saw at the doctors that I managed to combine mine for storage!!



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