About Us

This site is ran by me Lucy – a mum to a gorgeous baby girl who is just over 4 months old. One thing I found really helpful during my pregnancy, and to date bringing up a newborn baby, was speaking to other women, in the same boat as me, to get hints and tips and feedback on all things pregnancy and baby related. We all read the marketing materials, and we all form our own opinions, but for me, there’s nothing better than getting from the ‘mums’ mouth reviews on what is great, what is new, and quite frankly, on what things to avoid!

This site’s aim is to do just that, review anything that other mums and mums to be out there may find useful, whether it be products and services aimed at pregnant women, must have products before the baby arrives, or key toys and accessories that baby will love – we aim to cover them all! We have a network of ‘Real Mums’ (and Dads!) with children of varying ages, so can review products aimed at every stage of childhood.

I also know that being a Mum can be lonely, and that many women miss adult conversation – this is where Real Mum Reviews can help! We have regular meet ups with mums in the Birmingham area, sometimes just for social chit chat, and others for more skill focused sessions. Want to learn a new skill or do something just for you? Want to refresh your knowledge or become a mumtrepeneur? Our skill based sessions are fun and informative, tapping into the skills of our network and for only a small fee. If you would like to learn more about our network please ask.

If you are a supplier, and would like me to review your products on this site, please contact me via the Contact Us page. We are always thorough, honest and impartial, and provide detailed informative product reviews. Our reviews are not based on whether or not we paid for the product, but based on our Real Mum experiences, good or bad.

Follow our blog for regular review updates and please do get involved – I appreciate your feedback! We also do a regular newsletter, to send the latest reviews straight to your inbox including special promotions and discounts we have secured for our members. We know just how busy being a mum can be, so sit back and get the latest news on your iphone – it doesn’t half pass the time during night feeds! 🙂

Enjoy the site
Lucy xxx


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